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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Video Game America's

America's Test Kitchen: Let's Get Cooking is actually the follow up to the original Personal Trainer Cooking for the DS rebranded with the America's Test Kitchen branding - which is nice addition, as they're not a bad brand at all.

I picked up a copy at Gamestop today and I'm quite happy with it.

It really is like the Betty Crocker all-American cookbook type follow up to Personal Trainer Cooking with all those classic recipes that everyone wanted in the first one.

Plus it has lots of neat little features that make it usable by a household. Essentially everyone can create a profile and select which recipes they'd like to try - and that info can be generated by groups of people/profiles. Also it tracks when meals are made, when holidays are coming, suggests recipes for events, holidays, etc..

Looking at recipe #162 as we speak, Homemade Taco Shells - it's "sendable" If I had a friend over tonight with another DS I could send it to her DS as a standalone app and she could make the taco shells while I focus on the actual taco stuffing recipe on my DS. Lots of side dishes or compliment dishes are setup like this so you can assign them to other people with their own DS's.

Also, you can have different profile cook together alternating tasks in the process - and for kids you can limits if they're allowed to use knives or heat or fire. Nice touch.

Also when you start up you get an update page, like a message board, which tells you what's been going on, so you know if other people in your household have been cooking or shopping or anything.

America's Test Kitchen: Let's Get Cooking

America's Test Kitchen: Let's Get Cooking

Let the experts pass you and your preparation family finished 300 delicious recipes from the most watched preparation show on open television! ~ Get preparation in America’s Test Kitchen! America’s beloved preparation show spent hundreds of hours testing 300 recipes that movement everything from entrees to delectable desserts, so all you hit to do is follow their lead and hit recreation cooking.

Watch technique videos, listen to instructions, and use vocalise commands as the software walks you finished every step of the preparation process. ~ Everyone’s a chef! Make friends or family an official part of your preparation circle and give everyone tasks based on their skill take in the kitchen, including customizing whether individual cooks should use knives or range tops.

Cooking should be a breeze when it’s a family affair, so gather the whole gang in the kitchen and hit fun! ~ Shop and variety with the DS! Browse recipes and mark needed ingredients, then take your DS to the accumulation and check off your shopping list. You should also search for and variety recipes by ingredients, calorie count, preparation time, family favorites, and more.

Video Game Super Mario 64 DS

Super Mario 64 DS (Video Game)

Mario 64 for the DS is quite a taste of fun. I bought it because of every of the DS games available during the release, this was the only one that was engrossing looking. I didn't rattling same the mettlesome that such when it was on the N64 cod to the rattling blocky graphics, wrinkled camera control, and rattling preventative movement controls. Now however the controls are a taste easier to ingest and the graphics are such better but the camera curb is still a taste rough.

Overall this DS version is such more engrossing than the original game. Having 4 characters to work with and every of their individual styles and moves rattling adds to the fun. There is quite a taste of depth, freedom, and repetition value in the mettlesome and i meet ready coming backwards for more.

When i bought the mettlesome i was hoping that it would be something that my wife would be fascinated in playing as there aren't many videogames that she modify tolerates to play. However, between the mettlesome itself and every of the minigames, she plays it almost as such as i do. In fact the one day that i took it to work with me to see if it would ingest the wi-fi network there, she IM'd me and gave me a hornlike instance because she couldn't play it.

There are a few things that i don't same so such most the game. First, the camera curb is still rattling annoying, especially in tight places. Secondly, patch the curb plot is a lowercase easier to use, it can still be rattling preventative at times especially paired with the camera. Third and most important to me is the lack of respect. I'm refering to the lack of attitude towards Luigi. Historically in the Super Mario series, games that did have Luigi tended to not give him credit for his work. For example Super Mario Brothers 3 if you beat the mettlesome with Luigi the princess says \"Thank you Mario...\". In the original mettlesome Luigi wasn't modify a playable character. Now in the DS he is playable but he gets mocked by Toad (on multiple occasions), act's same a screaming girl, and is refered to and treated as an overly sensitive, sickly, and anaemic character. Doesn't the guy deserve some respect.

Well, sufficiency of my ranting and raving. Overall, this is a rattling great mettlesome and i'm glad that i invested in it, and i'm guessing you probably module too.